The ovens at a local, Lancashire bakery are primed and ready for the creation of over 35,000 packets of mince pies through the Christmas period!

At full throttle the production line at Clayton Park Bakery will be producing over 1,800 pies an hour to keep up with rising demand, with this year’s activity being their busiest ever.

General Manager Brian Ashworth said: “Many places provide mince pies all year round but at Clayton Park Bakery we’re traditionalists so we only cover Christmas. The fact they’re selling so well tells us they’re worth the wait though!”

“And in January we’ll be bringing back our hot cross buns, with some new tasty varieties, so we hope that will soften the blow when the mince pies are gone!”

Each packet produced this Christmas will be housed in specially designed, festive Clayton Park packaging and they are available at local independent retailers and Spar shops across the North West.

Brian added: “Everyone has their own way to enjoy a mince pie. All we advise our customers is to remember to make your Christmas wish when you bite into your first one!”

Mince Pie Tasty Trivia

1. While most mince pies are vegetarian these days, the traditional mince pie is made up of beef and a mix of spices. Probably wouldn’t go as well with ice cream as the modern version!

2. English tradition demands the mix of a mince pie should be mixed clockwise only. Otherwise you’re risking 12 months bad luck!

3. Mince pies used to be a symbol of high status; with more ornate pie designs showing you could afford the best pastry cooks.

4. Supposedly eating a mince pie in 12 separate friends’ houses in the 12 days before Christmas will bring you luck all year round!

5. The inaugural UK mince pie eating contest was held in 2006, with the winner chomping down on 46 pies in 10 minutes!