The BBC’s recent Price of Football study has found Clayton Park Bakery as providers of the Football League’s best value for money pie.

Out of 92 league clubs, the Clayton Park pies for home fans at Rochdale AFC beat out all other contenders ensuring the Dale faithful don’t have to pay over the odds for top quality products.

The study raised serious concerns on how the rising cost of a day at the football has rapidly surpassed the cost of living in the UK; with prices for tickets, merchandise, and refreshments all soaring in recent years.

However partnerships, such as that between Clayton Park and Rochdale, are working to buck this trend to ensure fans aren’t priced out of the game.

“Rochdale and Clayton Park have worked together for decades so there’s a lot of mutual trust between us,” explained Paul Swarbrick, Catering Manager at Rochdale. “Together we have worked to develop a deal which benefits both parties, and, most importantly, delivers value to the Rochdale fans who come week in week out.”

Barry Thomas, Managing Director of Clayton Park Bakery, said: “We strive to deliver two things for our customers, quality and value for money, so we are delighted to hear we’re achieving this. Fans are the most valuable asset for football and the work being done at Rochdale highlights how much they value their support.”