Crusty the Pie is joining the Dementia Revolution at the Amsterdam Marathon, supported by Clayton Park Bakery.

  • Latics’ world-famous mascot will be taking part in the 8K race as part of Virgin Radio’s team.
  • Chris Evans, Crusty and the Virgin Radio team are raising vital funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK as part of ‘Barbara’s Revolutionaries’.

It’s not often you see a seven-foot pie walking through the airport to board a flight to Amsterdam… but it’s exactly what you’ll see this month, when Crusty the Pie joins Virgin Radio Breakfast show host Chris Evans and ‘Barbara’s Revolutionaries’ for the Amsterdam Marathon weekend on Sunday 20 October 2019!

Crusty, supported by North-West based Clayton Park Bakery, will join the 50-strong team, who have already raised a whopping £322,426 on the Dementia Revolution fundraising page, to help raise awareness and further donations in support of Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Crusty took the world by storm back in August when the oven pinged and our new mascot was ready, and with the power of the pie, we’re hoping to help make a big difference to the fundraising cause!

More than 45,000 people will take part in the Amsterdam Marathon weekend, but given Crusty is still a little bit out of shape, it’ll be the 8K race for everyone’s favourite pie.

You can show your support to Crusty, and more importantly help raise money and awareness to help fight for the cause, by visiting the Dementia Revolution fundraising page.

If you donate to the page, please show your support for Crusty by leaving a comment with ‘Crusty’s European Tour’.

Chris Evans, who was also behind the successful RunFestRun earlier this year, said on his show:

“One and a half million people are affected by dementia in one way or another…. This is for Dame Barbara Windsor and Scott (her husband). It is for Dementia Revolution, that is why we are going there, that is why we are running.”