Top local bakery, Clayton Park, is encouraging socially distanced VE Day celebrations, with a Hamper stuffed full of VE Day themed goodies.

For those who don’t know already, May 8th is the 75th anniversary of VE day. But with the coronavirus lockdown still likely to be in force, celebrations this year look set to be a subdued affair. However, top Bakery, Clayton Park, is determined not to allow the day to pass unmarked.

They have launched an appeal for members of the public to send them photographs of their own VE day celebrations from around the area. The popular bakery will then choose the 10 most impressive celebrations and those responsible will receive a hamper full of VE Day themed treats.

VE (Victory in Europe) day marks one of the single most important events in modern global history, and one in which British nation played an invaluable part. It is now 75 years since the guns fell silent on the battle fields of Europe and ever since then this day has been marked with celebrations and remembrance of those who fought in that conflict.

A Clayton Park Bakery spokesperson said:

“This is such an important date that we simply can’t allow it to go by unnoticed. That’s why we’re encouraging the celebrations to go ahead, albeit in a slightly different manner than usual.”

“Just because we’ve got to keep up the social distancing doesn’t mean VE Day is cancelled. Far from it. You can still put the bunting up and raise a glass to Queen and country, and if you’ve got access to the internet you can still interact with others online.”

Clayton Park Bakery was first set up in 1983 and since then the business has become the pride of the local area, supplying pies to many north-west sports and football clubs including Accrington Stanley, Liverpool, Wigan Athletic, and Everton.

For a chance to win the brilliant hamper, submit your photos or video to Clayton Park via their social media page

For information about Clayton Park Bakery visit the website, or call 01254 393200.