Clayton Park bakery is launching an appeal to celebrate top local heroes during these difficult days for the country.

In times of national crisis, it’s the ordinary people, the individuals, stepping up to meet the challenge who capture the national spirit. Those are also the people most likely to go unnoticed and unacknowledged.

Clayton Park Bakery, which has a long history of creating delicious traditional food, have decided to address this situation with an online appeal to find all the local heroes in the area and then the most popular hero will presented with a the great prize of a hamper filled with lovely things to make the remaining time in lockdown a bit more pleasant.

During this coronavirus crisis, stories of selfless acts from members of the public abound. Some stories capture the national imagination and become common knowledge, like the story of Captain Tom who did 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday.  While others, no less worthy, go unreported and those heroes go on, about their daily lives, with a sense of stoic defiance, that typifies the national character of the UK.

Future generations will lookback on this crisis and will be proud at how we dealt with it.

A spokesman from Clayton Park said:

“There’s so much doom and gloom on the news these days, we want to give people something to celebrate. That’s why we’re setting up this challenge, to highlight the everyday, working heroes who live among us.”

“There are people out there in the community who probably don’t even realise what great things they’re doing. We’ve got neighbours looking out for each other, checking up on the vulnerable members of society. Even picking up a can of beans and a loaf of bread to someone who cant leave the house, makes a massive difference. There’s a sense of community that this country has lacked for years, and we want to celebrate that, and reward the unknown champions.”

If you want to nominate a local hero for the Clayton Park Heroes Award, all you have to do nominate that person on the Clayton Park Facebook page, with a description of why they are a local hero. The local hero with the most likes on Facebook will be declared the winner. The Facebook page is

For information about Clayton Park Bakery visit the website, or call 01254 393200.