“I just want to give a very BIG THANK YOU for all your wonderful products.

I am 72 years old and been unable to go to the stores during Lock down.

However through your generosity l have received bread, pies and cakes which where delivered to me from Clayton Baptist Church.

Many years ago l had my own small bakers shop on Whalley road supplying bread pies and cakes locally. I was a member of the Master Bakers association so l know a good pie when l eat one.

I l really admire the quality of your products all of them are first class and are highly recommendable.

You really do put Clayton on the map and we are very proud of you and for your involvement in helping the community.

Thank you once again for your excellent products and craftsmanship.

I will certainly be buying them once lam able to go to the stores again.

Keep up the good work and may your business grow from strength to strength.”

Brian Ashcroft