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What’s in the oven today?

From a Jam Slice to our now famous Pepper Steak Pie, each of our baked products goes through rigorous testing and tasting before being put into production. Our passion is to produce the most succulent, tasty and moreish daily baked products in the UK.

Our dedicated team of master bakers are always looking to develop and improve our product range, but at all times mindful that our aim is to produce delicious baked products.

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Please find our Products below:

Large Meat Pie

A tasty Lancashire Meat Pie made with a filling of seasoned minced beef and pork from our local supplier encased our freshly made hot water crust with jelly make this a succulent eat.

Mini Meat Pie

A party sized version of our Large Meat Pie

Mini Pork Pie

A party sized version of our Large Pork Pie


Puff pastry filled with custard and topped with white fondant icing.


A sweet pastry case lined with jam, filled with custard, and topped with a glace cherry and coconut.


A sweet pastry case filled with egg custard and sprinkled with nutmeg.


A sweet pastry case filled with custard, and topped with strawberries, strawberry flavoured jelly, and fresh whipped cream.

White Barms

Sliced or Unsliced


A layer of custard on a raspberry or Strawberry flavoured sponge cake base, topped with fresh whipping cream, and sprinkled with caramel curls.


A layer of Raspberry Jam and Fresh Whipped Cream sandwiched in a glazed Fruit Scone

Potato & Meat Pie

Sliced Potatoes, diced fresh onions and meat all from our local suppliers are cooked and seasoned before being added to a rich shortcrust pastry then baked to make this pie a real handful.

Butter Pie

Slices of potato and freshly diced onion in butter sauce encased in our delicious shortcrust pastry. Vegetarian or not this is a real tasty treat.