A true blend of Asian spices & irresistible flavours

Established in 1999 and based in Bolton, Fazilas are a family run company that has grown progressively since moving to new purpose-built premises in 2007.

Fazilas continue to create, develop and manufacture a range of ethnic foods from traditional Asian cuisine to modern fusion, blending tastes and flavours from various cultures to create exciting new lines, showing us every walk of life!

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Ready to Eat
Ready Meals

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Ready to Eat
Product Code
Chicken Tikka Samosas 30gx3 with dip 217976
Onion Bhajis 30gx3 with dip 217977
Meat Samosa 100g 217974
Onion Bhaji 100g 217975
Chicken Tikka Samosa 100g 217972
Veg Samosa 100g 217973
Chicken Tikka Samosas 75g Bulk 217978
Meat Samosas 75g Bulk 217979
Vegetable Samosas 100g Bulk 217980
Onion Bhajis 100g Bulk 217981
Ready Meals
Product Code
Chicken Tikka Masala 350g 220305
Chicken Madras 350g 220303
Vegetable Curry 350g 220310
Chickpea/Potato Curry 350g 220312
Basmati plain Rice 240g 212274
Product Code
Onion Bhaji Wraps 217192
Moong Daal Wrap 236772
Tandoori Chicken Wrap 217196
Chicken Tender Wrap 236771
Chicken Tikka Wrap 217200